Our Philosophy

Narrow the Spread!

Our philosphy toward clubmaking is simple. We want to narrow the spread between the best and worst shots. We want to make the worst shots better and the best shots even better. We want to make the game more fun for you. Custom Clubmaking is not just for the elite. Its cheaper and better for you that the main OEM companies. We know new clubs will not make you a tour level pro. However, we want to narrow the spread. So your worst to the left and worse to the right keep moving closer to center.

Consistency is the biggest aspect of the game. If you always fade 10yards, you can plan for it, if you fade between 5-40yards with the occational duck hook, then you are throwing darks blindfolded. At TheClubmakers, our members believe that the path toward a better game is consistency. Custom Clubs are the best way to start that journey. Clubs are not the end all be all, but they are a giant leap forward.